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Engineered Seals
Reverse Engineered Duplicate Seals
Have a complicated expensive seal?
We can help you!
Our reverse engineered duplicate seals save you money.

Enhanced Design Seals

Have a seal that needs to be improved upon? 
We can create an enhanced design seal with extended seal life.

Paper stock screen seal. Our design replaced the OEM seal, and extended service life 3X.
 Phaudler® mixer seals. Ours are  solid silicon carbide vs. OEM's ceramic  inserted stainless.
Coal plant fly ash slurry pump.
Seal repair by Pumping Solutions® with upgraded hard coating under o-ring area of seal, stopped premature leakage.
OEM replacement seal: $13,000 
Smart SealSM repair cost: $5,500
Customer saved $7,500 plus 2X life